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High Speed Handpiece
Low Speed Handpiece
High And Low Speed Kit
Dental Stool
Reduction Contra Angle
Three Way Syringe Series
LED Ultrasonic Scaler
Led Curing Light
Gutta percha cutter
Dental Composite Material
Air Prophy Unit
Micro Motor
FG Carbide Burs
Diamond Burs
Root Canal Files
Spare Parts For Handpiece
Spare Parts For Dental Unit
Spare Parts For Fona Dental Unit
Add.: Huading Building,Guangfo Road,Shubu Village,Taiping,Dali, Nanhai,Foshan,P.R.C
Web: www.artspadent.com
Fona Led Operation Lamp for F2000 and New F1000
Led Operation Lamp For old F1000 Fona spare parts
Halogen Operation Lamp For Fona F1000
Lamp Cover(Fona dental unit parts:6379015)
Lamp Bracket(Fona Dental Unit Spare Parts)
Curing Light Bracket For F1000(Fona dental parts)
Square Foot Control(Fona dental unit:6377977)
Glass Cuspidor(Fona spare parts 6378371)
Cuspidor Filter(6378454)
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